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Greta Thunberg’s Speech Post-Listening Task. Communicative-Grammar Focus. – Education Article

Activities based on Greta Thunberg’s speech at COP24, Katowice, Poland. December 2018.Especially interesting if as a teacher you support 15th of March Students’ Global Strike or Fridays for Future in general. The activities focus on grammar: conditional sentences, passive, too and enough and the use of will and present continuous from a communicative approach. The main point of the exercises is making students think about Thunberg’s words, about the concepts of climate justice and the living planet, as well as…

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Kinds of Trips Vocabulary Worksheet – Education Article

  Match, choose, and draw. This worksheet is all about vocabulary, mainly all kinds of travel. Words like trip, journey, tour, voyage, and cruise can easily confuse students. This worksheet makes it easy to categorize words according to pictures. It also makes words easier to remember. There is a multiple choice question to emphasize the details. Drawing also makes these words unforgettable.    Similar Worksheets Download the worksheet(2.82 Mb, 0 downloads)

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All Types of Conditional Sentences Worksheet – Education Article

This PowerPoint presentation is perfect for summarizing what students know about all types of conditional sentences and it is also suitable for extra practice or revision. Inside you will find a set of pictures for every type of conditional. They show typical situations when this type of conditional is used. The first sentence is already given as an example to remind the rule. The rest of the pictures will enable students to make up their own sentences. Each set of…

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