Financial Advice for Teachers

19 Michaels Teacher Discounts & Ways Educators Can Save – Education Article

Is Michaels your happy place? You’re not alone. Michaels has been helping teachers for decades, with its aisles of supplies just perfect for sharing with our students. But what are the definitive, complete, and BEST Michaels teacher discounts and ways educators can save? Read on for all our tips—some of which you may already know, but a few, I guarantee, will be brand new to you!  1. Always use your Michaels Teacher Discount.  The Michaels Teacher Discount is one of…

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I Was Struggling With My Student Loans, but Here’s How I’m Climbing Out – Education Article

As an elementary music teacher, I like to say that my students are my kids. There are 900 students at the school where I teach in South Carolina. Sometimes it blows my mind to think about the impact I’ve made. Needless to say, I love my job. But I don’t love that I was saddled with so much student debt in order to get here. I went to a private college, and by the time I graduated, I owed thousands.…

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