Feelings and Emotions

Loneliness – A Video Lesson – Education Article

Feelings and Emotions, Social Issues, Medicine and Health, Movie + Video + Cartoons | Views: 383 | Level: Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate Advanced, Exam Level | 5 out of 5, rated by 1 teachers | This 45-60 minute lesson is based on a really insightful animated video. It raises awareness about loneliness, its causes, and possbile ways to fight it. The video has several parts, and there are discussion questions and vocabulary highlights for each section. The original video has English subtitles,…

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Song Worksheet – Smile – Education Article

This is a worksheet about the lovely song: “SMILE” by Nat King Cole. There is a link to watch the video with the lyrics and the song. I’ve made several exercises: blanks exercises ; choose the correct word; find the synonym, etc. Wit … This is only a snippet of a Education Article written by kristine44 Read Full Article

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Acrostic Poem – Education Article

This worksheet was designed to introduce ss to simple poetry by writing about themselves in an acrostic poem. We worked at them individually and read them out. We then had class volunteer other words which extended all their vocabularies – learning from each other. The s then decided whether to keep the words they wrote or use a new one suggested. Similar Worksheets Download the worksheet(347.97 Kb, 0 downloads) //[ad_2]This is only a snippet of a Education Article written by…

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