Faculty Development

Best Practices for Online Recruitment – Education Article

Faculty recruitment is important because it is the first step in the process of developing qualified and engaged faculty. Over-recruiting makes it challenging to fully engage faculty and under-recruiting makes it difficult to efficiently staff courses. Effectively recruiting faculty to teach in the online environment poses unique challenges, which can be addressed through careful planning. Forecasting faculty needs is an integral part of the process (Meyer, 2017). Steps for forecasting include: 1. Develop a spreadsheet with programmatic courses by term.…

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Collaboration: A Way to Promote Faculty Development and Reduce Burnout – Education Article

Faculty development and burnout pose challenges within departments and colleges of academic institutions. Constrained resources—asked to do more with less time, money, and personnel—contribute to faculty feeling overwhelmed (Gabriel, 2017) and can make faculty development difficult (Watts & Robertson, 2011). Ultimately, world-wide changes in institutions of higher education demanding exceptional instructional quality and research quantity have made the academic environment challenging for faculty and students, increasing burnout of faculty and staff (Sabagh, Hall & Saroyan, 2018). In this article, the…

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How to Get the Most Out of a Professional Conference – Education Article

May 31st, 2019 By: Linda K. Shadiow, PhD <!– – An initial look at a conference program can lead attendees to become (in the words of a former colleague) “paralyzed by the possibilities.” There are just so many sessions we’d like to attend that it’s hard to choose. At a recent conference, a new faculty member asked me for advice about negotiating the labyrinth. Here is a collection of strategies that I…

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