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8 Tips For Updating Your Teaching – Education Article

Updating Your Teaching To Something Messier by Mike Fisher Recently, I participated in a Twitter chat for the ASCD Leader to Leader initiative, hashtag #ASCDL2L, on the role of the modern teacher. As the conversation unfolded, it caused me to think more deeply than I have before about what elements teachers might consider on their path to developing a more modern version of their current role. In Digital Learning Strategies: How Do I Assign and Assess Digital Work, I challenge…

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Becoming Invisible In My Classroom – Education Article

Becoming Invisible In My Classroom contributed by Jane Healey “She doesn’t do anything. She gets paid to babysit us while we do all the work.” I overheard the middle school students in the orthodontist’s office describing their teacher who “flipped” the classroom, and they were quite salty. “She walks around watching us, and she won’t even answer our questions. She just says, “Where do you think you might find that information? It’s stupid.” So I’m useless. Fabulous. I’ve always thought…

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10 Ways Traditional Classroom Punish Mistakes In Learning – Education Article

contributed by Miriam Clifford The greatest mistake I ever made in my education was failing a physics course at Cornell.  I opted to take an auto-tutorial class that did not require calculus because I was afraid to make math errors. Up until this point, I had never failed at anything.  It was a turning point for me. I had to dispel prior notions of learning to succeed. I accepted that there would be many errors along the way. I relearned…

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