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12 Ideas and Resources to Inspire Students to Show Kindness – Teacher Reboot Camp – Education Article

“There’s no such things as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott Adams This Wednesday, November 13th, is World Kindness Day! The resources below will help your students understand what kindness means and why showing kindness is important to making the world a better place. The resources below allow your students to reflect on what kind acts others have show them and how this has made them feel or transformed their…

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14+ Fabulous Valentine’s Day STEAM Activities Students Will Love – Teacher Reboot Camp – Education Article

“The heart has its reasons that reason knows nothing of.” – Blaise Pascal Valentine’s Day is around the corner! This holiday is a great time for students to be creative and share how much they appreciate and care for others. You can also get students to think and problem solve with the fabulous STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) activities and resources below. All are free! You can also download the slides from my webinar, Valentine’s Day Activities Students of All…

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