Equity and access

The Superhero Schools of Philadelphia – Education Article

By: Chris Unger Much like Tom Vander Ark, wherever I go I make sure to visit the schools that are “doing school” differently. Upon visiting Philly recently, I was so moved by the schools I visited that I felt compelled to share what I saw, particularly because they were all working to simultaneously address the challenges of poverty their students were growing up in and providing them with the kind of authentic, agency-oriented learning practices more often seen in the…

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Podcast: Nick Donohue on Promoting Racial Equity & Fighting Personal, Institutional and Structural Racism – Education Article

This week, the Getting Smart team is bringing you an episode with Nick Donohue, the CEO and President of Nellie Mae Education Foundation. Nick went from teacher to trainer to Deputy Commissioner, then to Commissioner in New Hampshire. A dozen years ago, Nick took over the Nellie Mae Education Foundation where he developed a strategy focused on student-centered learning. The team’s focus on personalized learning, student agency, progress on mastery, and anywhere-anytime learning was about 10 years ahead of the…

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