Environmental activism

Teacher rebellion: How Mr Jones gave up his job to fight the climate crisis | Education

Tim Jones had just landed a job as an RE teacher at a secondary school in Greenwich when he stumbled on Extinction Rebellion. Not long before, he had been seeing a counsellor for feelings of helplessness and depression about the ecosystem and how schools fed into the planet’s problems. “At that point I was at my most depressed,” he says. “It was eco-anxiety. I’d started a new job at a good school with good people, but the system was just…

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University of Manchester to review fossil fuel shares after student protest | Education

The University of Manchester has said it will review its £12m investment in fossil fuel firms after a seven-day protest by students who threatened to go on hunger strike. Students from the protest group People and Planet had occupied one of the university’s buildings for the past week in a demonstration against its multimillion-pound investment in fossil fuel companies. The university said it recognised “the urgency of the issue” and committed to bringing forward a review of its investment portfolio.…

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‘The youth generation is united’: the uni students striking for the climate | Education

In a cold, dingy room at the back of a Loughborough pub, maths student Steff Farley would meet with friends to discuss an issue they felt no one was talking about on campus. These conversations over a few pints were the start of a campaign that would eventually push the university to divest from fossil fuels. The students ran peaceful, relatively small demonstrations; they’d hand out leaflets about Loughborough’s fossil fuel investments during open days, or write fossil-free slogans in…

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