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Ofsted’s Complaints Process Explained … – Education Article

In 2017, the High Court concluded: “that Ofsted’s complaints process implied that the decision-makers processes are always effective and therefore impeachable, thereby preventing an aggrieved party from pursuing a substantive challenge, is not a rational or fair process.” (Source: Browne Jacobsen, 2017) It was ruled that until Ofsted amended the relevant section of its complaints procedure or successfully appealed the High Court’s ruling, any school placed in an ‘inadequate’ category has sufficient grounds for a challenge on the basis of…

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Russell Group scraps preferred A-levels list after arts subjects hit | Education

Arts education organisations have welcomed a decision by the Russell Group of research-led universities to scrap its controversial list of preferred A-levels, after long-running criticism that it has contributed to a devaluation of arts subjects. The group’s list of so-called “facilitating subjects”, including maths, English, sciences, languages, history and geography, was originally drawn up to help pupils choose A-levels that would open doors to more degrees at the most selective universities. Critics claim it has resulted in a narrowing of…

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