engaging students

Status Update: Changing the Way We Deliver Instruction – Education Article

All too often I have heard colleagues pondering over situations in which students are found on their smart phones rather than engaged in class.  As a former elementary school teacher who now instructs students at the college level, I wonder if this could be because the students are not fully engaged in the content being presented.  These students may not just be updating their current status on their social media account or texting a friend about plans that day, but…

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When Everything Goes Right in the Classroom – Education Article

It is difficult to predict what the dynamics of a college class will be like at the beginning of a semester. Two sections of the same subject taught by the exact same instructor can have radical differences in how students communicate with one another in class. Since student interaction is not a consideration of the software program that manages college registration and class composition, it is exciting for an instructor when the computer actually creates a group of students with…

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Tips for Teaching Students ‘What to Learn’ and ‘How to Learn’ During Lectures – Faculty Focus – Education Article

It was soon after my son enrolled in a local junior college that I realized something was wrong. Success, which seemed to come so easy to him in high school, was suddenly out of reach. In fact, he was failing every course! I quickly learned that in high school he did not have to exert any effort and was taught to simply memorize material. Sadly, this high school experience resulted in a new high school graduate who had no concept…

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