Don’t Fear Summer Lee. Fear the Devil’s Bargain Labor Leaders Are Willing to Make Opposing Her – Education Article

 Cancer or unemployment.   That’s the choice Pennsylvanians are being asked to make in 2020.   Do we allow hydraulic fracking to continue to destroy our environment and increase our risk of cancers and other debilitating illnesses?   Or do we clean things up and risk losing jobs?   Some labor leaders seem willing to chose the former on behalf of their constituencies.   That’s why the Pittsburgh-based Allegheny-Fayette Central Labor Council (PA AFL-CIO) voted to oppose the re-election of…

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Teaching Pupils About The Realities Of Work – Education Article

Reading Time: 2 minutes How easy is it to link careers to the curriculum? Careers advice in schools is a challenging and critical aspect of the curriculum to help offer pupils develop their employability skills. These soft skills help students become employable, but curriculum restraint is difficult for schools. These free activities from IGD can help teachers develop these skills with our pupils within a congested curriculum. Curriculum planning Career planning in schools used to be the domain of specialist…

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