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6 Tips To Cut Down On eLearning Translation Costs – Education Article

6 Tips To Cut Down On eLearning Translation Costs—Infographic eLearning translation ensures effective knowledge transfer to global employees. Translating online training into native languages boosts the impact of learning. 1.  Keep The Source Course Culture-Neutral Neutralize the slang, symbols, colors, currency, and other elements in the content so that nobody is offended. 2. Use Universal Visuals It’s better to use culturally neutral colors. 3. Reserve Space For Text Expansions Provide 40% empty space in the source course to accommodate the…

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Do You Know What eLearning Localization Is All About? – Education Article

Do You Know What eLearning Localization Is All About? – e-Learning Infographics We use cookies in order to personalize your experience, display relevant advertising, offer social media sharing capabilities and analyze our website’s performance. Read all about it in our cookie policy. When Do You Need Performance Support For Corporate Training? A 9-Step Ready Reckoner To Convert Flash To HTML5 … This is only a snippet of a Education Article written by Christopher Pappas Read Full Article

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The 6-Step eLearning Course Translation Process – Education Article

The 6-Step eLearning Course Translation Process-Infographic Do you want to translate your eLearning courses into the local languages of your global workforce? Do you plan to outsource your eLearning translation? Here is a 6-step translation process that makes your job quick and with minimal cost and translation time. 1. Analyze Source Content And Prepare It For Translation Your eLearning vendor analyzes the source content and segregates it based on textual content, visuals, and audio narration. 2. Translate The Course The…

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