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5 Things To Remember When Starting A New eLearning Project – Education Article

What Should You Keep In Mind When Beginning A New eLearning Project? Creating a successful eLearning course is no easy task. Even if you know the content well and have taught it in a traditional classroom before, eLearning comes with a bit of a challenge, which leaves many professionals not knowing where or how to begin. Hence, you search the internet to find an overwhelming amount of information on tips, tricks, dos and don’ts regarding eLearning projects that may or…

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JIT Learning And How It Leads To Learning Effectiveness – Education Article

Learning Effectiveness Boils Down To This: JIT Learning Just think of your last flight travel. Many of you would have done it yesterday or even today. Can you recall the content of the training intervention you were subjected to in the flight? You are probably wondering what training? Press the rewind button again until just before your flight took off. Yeah, you got it, Pre Flight Safety Demonstration. That is a short training you undergo every time you board a…

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