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In conversation with Alka Murthy- Principal, Zydus School, Ahmedabad – Education Article

Ma’am tell us about your journey in education; from being a teacher to a principal of one of the most renowned schools of Gujarat! (chuckles) First of all, let me tell you getting in the field of education was an accident for me. Actually, I had gone to a school to get the form for my neighbour’s child. That day, in 1988, counsel (had) instituted computer science for the first time. So, while I was filling the form and the…

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Game-A-Thon at RidgeValley school, Delhi. – Education Article

We recently conducted a game-a-thon event at Ridgevalley School,  Delhi-Gurugram. The students were shortlisted based on their sparkie count from April till January. 15 students were selected from each class to participate. On 11th February, it was conducted for grades 3 to 5. There were two rounds of online games followed by a final Quiz round.  The Benefits of Math Game-A-Thon Beyond, fun games serve real academic purposes.  It could be a decent change from monotonous from pencil-and-paper schoolwork and can…

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Detecting and Nurturing Giftedness – The Challenges and Opportunities – Education Article

What is Giftedness? Every child is unique as most parents would readily testify. Yet, there are individuals who stand out for their singular accomplishments. What sets apart a poet like Rabindranath Tagore, a researcher and institution builder like Vikram Sarabhai or a successful CEO like Mark Zuckerberg? Is it merely the 10,000 hour rule of deliberate practice, favourable socio-economic circumstances or old-fashioned good luck… or is there something more to the mix? Research on giftedness and talent strongly suggests that…

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