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8 Education Trends and Ideas Worth Leaving Behind in 2019 – Education Article

For public education, 2019, like previous years, brought its share of the good, the bad, and the ugly. On balance, there was plenty of good news, made largely possible by the 2018 mid-term elections that swept pro-education candidates into office. Much of that energy was drawn from the #RedforEd movement, which continued to generate momentum in calling for greater investments in public schools. As a result, educators and their unions head into the new decade stronger than ever. Students are…

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Educators Flexed Their Muscles in 2019, Look Forward to 2020 – Education Article

In 2019, the news generally got better for educators and students. Across the U.S., educator walkouts have led to increased funding for public schools, more support for teachers and education support professionals, and more attention to the needs of students. Today, we know more than ever about the effects of childhood trauma and racial bias on learning—and that’s a good thing. As the end of the calendar year approaches, let’s take a look at eight positive education trends of 2019 that we…

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Teachers Paying for Their Own Substitutes? Believe it or Not, It Happens. – Education Article

A San Francisco second-grade teacher who, due to state law, must pay the cost of a substitute educator while she seeks treatment for breast cancer has made national headlines after parents at her school started an online GoFundMe campaign to cover her costs. “Parents were outraged and incredulous—like, this can’t be. There must be some kind of mistake!” one parent told the San Francisco Chronicle. But the situation, which has outraged parents and captured the attention of state lawmakers, isn’t…

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