Educational Assessment

To Teach to the Test or Not – Education Article

There has been a long discussion within our college about whether or not teaching to the test is appropriate. Of course, the test that we mean is the TExES Principal as Instructional Leader (268) exam, which is in the process of becoming more rigorous and interactive. As explained on the website of the Texas Educator Certification Program (2018), “This full-length practice exam contains 91 selected-response questions as well as four sample constructed-response questions. The interactive practice exam provides candidates with…

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Contested Grades and the “You Earned It” Retort – Education Article

A common rhetorical move we professors make when students object to a grade is to reframe the discussion. We’ll say, “Let’s be clear. I didn’t give you this grade. You earned it.” And if it were appropriate we might underscore our zinger with a smugly snapped Z. But stop and think about it. When we make the “you earned it” move, it’s simply an attempt to shift the debate away from the fairness or interpretation of our standard and onto…

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Assessment for Learning: It Just Makes Sense – Faculty Focus – Education Article

Assessment for Learning (AfL), sometimes referred to as “formative assessment” has become part of the educational landscape in the U.S. and is heralded to significantly raise student achievement, yet we are often uncertain what it is and what it looks like in practice in higher education. To clarify, AfL includes the formal and informal processes that faculty and students use during instruction to gather evidence for the purpose of improving learning. The aim of AfL is to improve students’ mastery…

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