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Popular Self Paced Courses | Open Colleges – Education Article

**This post was updated in June 2020** Aiming to switch careers or upskill in your industry? Or maybe you’re looking to move into a job that allows you to work more easily from home?  Open Colleges offers a variety of courses across a wide range of industries. From business administration to social media marketing to accounting and bookkeeping, you’ll find a wide and comprehensive range of educational courses.   The best thing about Open Colleges courses is that they can be completed online at your own pace.…

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What type of teacher do you want to be – Education Article

Certain you want to be an educator but not so sure what kind? Not everyone is destined for the classroom or lecture hall. There are many paths you can take, leading to different instructional roles from administrator to principal to childhood educator to adult tutor. You can even teach online full-time. The possibilities are endless. All you need is a passion for education. In this article we’ll outline a few teacher types and how to fill each role. What are…

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Trends in Educational Technology for 2020 – Education Article

What are the biggest educational technology trends we’ll see heading into the next decade? We’re here to give you the inside scoop so you know what to pay attention to in 2020 and beyond. From artificial intelligence to video based learning to wellness tech, the emerging edtech trends have a lot in store for teachers and students alike. The online learning space is evolving rapidly, and edtech is a big part of that. In Australia, we’re now seeing everything from…

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