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Why We Should Test English Language Learners in their Home Language – Education Article

By: Adam Withycombe A parent makes the time and musters the courage to come and see you. They’re here, in your classroom, hoping for good news about their child, or at least a path forward from challenges and trouble spots. But you have to look them in the eye and tell them you have nothing—no data, no test results, no insights into how their child is performing. It’s not that their child doesn’t know anything. Just the opposite. You don’t…

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Investing in Innovation: Where’s the Federal Support? – Education Article

By: Arthur VanderVeen Educators and policy leaders might be forgiven for not often turning to the Federal Register for inspiration. But buried there in the ESSA regulations is a truly inspired effort to resolve one of the most vexing tensions shaping our national discussion on the role of assessment: the Innovative Assessment Demonstration Authority (IADA) pilot. The IADA invites up to seven states to develop innovative, next-generation assessments that better support student-centered learning, including competency-based assessments, instructionally embedded assessments, interim…

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