Try WriteReader for Making eBooks With Students – Education Article

For the last few years WriteReader has been one of my go-to recommendation for making ebooks with elementary school and middle school students. Last week WriteReader made an update that now makes it a good option for high school students. WriteReader was originally created as a tool for elementary school teachers to use to encourage and coach their students through the writing process. It still does that and more. In WriteReader students can insert pictures into page and then write about those…

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Moving at the Speed of Creativity – Education Article

About 4 years ago, inspired by a local writer’s conference, I created a WordPress-powered website to independently sell digital copies of my books as well as offer a subscription-based video library of instructional how-to videos. I haven’t given that project much attention or “care and feeding” in awhile, since I transitioned to a new job role at a new school and have (overall) focused less on my secondary consulting work. Clearly I need to do a better job checking my…

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Book Creator Webinars for Teachers – Education Article

It’s back! This year I’ve added ten webinars to my Events Calendar and they are totally free. Just like last year, I’ve partnered with Book Creator to offer ten live webinars sharing ways to use this dynamic creation tool in the classroom. From a spotlight of new features to collaboration in the classroom, we’ve got you covered! Below you’ll find all of the links to register for each webinar. After the live event, you’ll find the recordings for each webinar…

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