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Should pets ever be kept in classrooms? | Education

Watching duck eggs hatch in a classroom was a “wow” experience that brought the topic to life, says Sarah Holmes, teacher in Derby High School’s primary department. “It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn about the life cycle, see the ducklings grow and learn to swim. They also learned to take responsibility for looking after them.” Classrooms across the UK house a wide range of school pets: hamsters, fish, guinea pigs and even tortoises. But though they…

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Dear Damian Hinds, let’s put horrid adult experiences on the curriculum | Michael Rosen | Education

I see you’ve been talking to school students about education. I was very interested in your justification for exams being stressful: “…when you leave school, hard and stressful things come along. Learning about what can be stressful episodes is part of the preparation for later life.” I wonder if there is a principle here: whatever horrible experience we have in later life should either be put on the school curriculum or be part of how the curriculum is taught. For…

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Drive aims to increase number of men in early years education in UK | Education – Education Article

A drive is under way to increase the number of men working with the youngest children in the education system, drawing on the success of Norway, which has the highest percentage of male early years professionals in the world. According to latest statistics, just 2% of the early years education (EYE) workforce in the UK is male, a figure that has remained static for decades despite previous targets and greater shared childcare between men and women in the home. Researchers…

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