#1MinCPD: Time Making Tips For Times Tables – Education Article

Reading Time: 1 minute How well do your pupils know their times tables? Knowing your times tables is a maths non-negotiable for all pupils. Try these top tips for nailing times tables in your classroom. 1. Allocate time Without regular dedicated time, learning of times tables will be limited, so if you’re serious about improving recall, get times tables timetabled! 2. Go slow to start Pupils need to feel some level of success to be motivated so it might be…

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Colour-Coded Differentiation | TeacherToolkit – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes Why should we ditch colour-coded worksheets? We need colour-coded chopping boards in the kitchen because they can prevent cross-contamination between food groups which could potentially cause food poisoning. That makes sense. What we don’t need, are colour-coded differentiated worksheets in the classroom. They make no sense at all. Educational racism? We know that no two children are alike but we don’t produce thirty colour-coded worksheets to personalise for tailor-made learning. That’s differentiation madness and would be impractical…

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