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Digital Note Taking with Microsoft OneNote – USADigital Note Taking with Microsoft OneNote – Education Article

If you are a student with access to a computer or tablet, this blog is for you! Going through our academic careers today has so many advantages. With the move towards digital educational materials, we no longer have to lug around multiple heavy textbooks and notebooks. But how can we continue and improve our organization to optimize our study habits and, ultimately, our grades? The past year, I made the switch to digital note taking with the Microsoft application OneNote;…

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The Past Meets the Future: How to Bring Confucian Virtues into Higher Ed with Educational Technology – Education Article

On August 6, 1991, the World Wide Web became public to the world and forever changed the way that ideas move. Although in-person dialogues and interactions are historically significant ways for the movement of information, communication technologies have become a central way to learn in higher education and beyond. With increasing technology in our lives, professors should be selective about the usage, aiming to balance technology and personal approaches.  Indeed, digital tools and instructional technologies such as Smartboards are implemented in…

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