developing metacognitive skills

Putting Students in the Driver’s Seat: Equip, Empower, Energize – Education Article

No one can deny that the world in which we live and work is changing at a tumultuous pace. We live in a knowledge economy, driven by technologies that require different skill sets than were needed of workers in the age of industry. Students will encounter work and life situations that require them to learn as they go, perhaps even teach themselves, as they address contemporary problems, challenges, and proposed solutions—ones we have no way of anticipating as we prepare…

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Assessment for Learning: It Just Makes Sense – Faculty Focus – Education Article

Assessment for Learning (AfL), sometimes referred to as “formative assessment” has become part of the educational landscape in the U.S. and is heralded to significantly raise student achievement, yet we are often uncertain what it is and what it looks like in practice in higher education. To clarify, AfL includes the formal and informal processes that faculty and students use during instruction to gather evidence for the purpose of improving learning. The aim of AfL is to improve students’ mastery…

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