Record levels of stress ‘put teachers at breaking point’ | Education

Teachers are suffering from more severe psychological problems than at any point this century, experts have warned. In an alarming report they reveal the school workforce is being pushed to “breaking point”. Education Support, a charity that gives mental health help to education professionals, predicts school standards will fall and mental health problems in the classroom will multiply if the government does not act quickly to offer teachers more support. Seen exclusively by the Observer, the charity’s teacher wellbeing index…

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Secret Teacher: Class, I wish I’d told you the truth about my mental health | Teacher Network

Last year, I quit teaching. I had completed my NQT induction, and despite the years of self-doubt and tears I’d finally come to recognise that I was a competent teacher, and had started to believe my positive feedback. I had also come to realise, however, that teaching was an unhealthy career choice for me. I am a perfectionist – or now, I hope, a recovering perfectionist – who is prone to anxiety. Unfortunately, I could not reconcile these aspects of…

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Leading Others Without Being An Asshole – Education Article

Reading Time: 2 minutes How do you interact with other people you work with? I’ve been reading quite a number of books on business and leadership over the past 18 months: Two books I am currently reading include The Asshole Survival Guide by Robert I. Sutton and To Sell Is Human by Daniel H. Pink which I have already written about and have demonstrated how I do this. Something to think about … “Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem,…

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