Don Sarll obituary | Education

My father, Don Sarll, who has died aged 93, helped to run the successful dental practice of Sarll, Hingston and Conibear in Salford, Manchester, for more than two decades. In his role as a dentist he was also a vocal campaigner for the fluoridation of water, which he believed would reduce tooth decay. He made television and radio appearances to advocate its adoption across Britain, as opposed to its current limited coverage in parts of the north east and the…

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Ease up on the tea, spit, and go electric – the definitive guide to world-beating teeth | Education

Britain has long had a global reputation for bad teeth, and scientists now say we may have the worst in the nation’s history. After examining the teeth of 17th-century skulls, researchers from Queen Mary University of London found fewer missing teeth and less decay than today, blaming widespread sugar consumption and lack of basic hygiene for the sorry state of our teeth. Here, then, is an ultimate guide to optimum dental care. How should you clean your teeth? The steadfast…

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