David Cameron

From Hugh Grant to David Cameron to Nigella Lawson: Oxford partying in the 80s – in pictures | Education

In 1981, Dafydd Jones, who would later become a noted society photographer, entered a Sunday Times competition for young photojournalists. After his pictures of Oxford’s ‘bright young things’ ran alongside a seminal article by Ian Jack, he continued to photograph members of the university’s unguarded jeunesse dorée – from Nigella Lawson to David Cameron Source link

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Why boarding schools produce bad leaders | Education

In Britain, the link between private boarding education and leadership is gold-plated. If their parents can afford it, children are sent away from home to walk a well-trodden path that leads straight from boarding school through Oxbridge to high office in institutions such as the judiciary, the army, the City and, especially, government. Our prime minister was only seven when he was sent away to board at Heatherdown preparatory school in Berkshire. Like so many of the men who hold…

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