Curriculum Development and Mapping Process

Aligning a Concept-Based Curriculum from Planning to Practice – Education Article

For students to validate conceptual connections in generalization statements provide opportunity for stress testing as learning progresses. Through this process of continual reflection, embedded in teaching approaches as determined by educator expertise, we can actively develop mastery learning, drive student agency, challenge student thinking, provoke debate, deepen transferable understanding and support CBC alignment from planning to practice. Key Read: Marschall, C., & French, R., Concept-based Inquiry in Action: Strategies to Promote Transferable Understanding, 2018 Further Reads: Erickson, L. H., Lanning,…

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Assessing Your Assessment Methods | Atlas – Education Article

By Megan Davenport, Professional Development Specialist How often do you take a moment to reflect on the different types of assessments your students experience? Everyone has their go-to assessments, and busy teaching days don’t offer much time (or mental capacity) to step back and reflect. However, when we do have time to think strategically about our curriculum, we want relevant and helpful information to make the most of our conversations. The reports in Atlas can serve as a conversation starter…

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Be a Concept-based Curriculum Hacker – Education Article

By Sarah Plews, Senior Education Leader CLIP – Oporto International School Hack into concept-based curriculum. Collaborate with a team and have a go. Maybe you are wondering what exactly it means to “hack into curriculum.” And the buzz around concept-based curriculum. Here are some of the reasons we do both at Oporto International School. Design learning experiences so that your students use their minds, ask questions, think critically, apply their thinking and solve problems. Watch the light bulbs go on…

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