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Build Relationships Throughout the Year With These Awesome Icebreakers! Free Template! – Teacher Reboot Camp – Education Article

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”- Mattie Stepanek Relationships are the most important factor in your effectiveness as a teacher and your student’s success! Knowing students and them confiding in us and working with us and their peers helps us figure out their interests, strengths, insecurities, struggles, and passions. It doesn’t matter how behind your students are, strong bonds lead to student success. Building relationships is continuous but you don’t have to…

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Kick Off the School Year Right with These 14 Back to School Tips and Tons of Resources! – Teacher Reboot Camp – Education Article

I’m excited to announce I’ve taken on a new position as the Technology and Computer teacher at a STEM charter school in Houston, Texas. Yesterday, I met some of my 650 elementary students and their parents. I will be teaching 2nd to 5th graders and working with our PBL teachers to support the kindergarten and 1st graders. I’m excited to begin the school year and already have a checklist of what needs to be accomplished before we officially begin on…

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