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23 Collaborative Art Projects That Bring out Everyone’s Creative Side – Education Article

Art can be an amazing uniting force in the world. Student art pieces often give teachers a look inside a child’s mind that they might not otherwise get. Collaborative art projects bring out the best in each participant, creating masterpieces that are so much more than the sum of their art. Here are some of the best collaborative art activities for kids in any grade. 1. Paint a river of rocks. Painted rocks are all the rage these days, but…

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DIY Fidgets You Can Make On a Budget for Your Classroom – Education Article

Kids and adults alike have always needed to fidget, some more than others. There used to be an expectation that students sit up straight and still for long periods of time in class. But now the idea of doodling, using sketch notes in the classroom, and even fidgeting are much more accepted and promoted. Sometimes fidgeting is even encouraged and supported.  You can find many fidget toys on the market, but what if you’re a teacher on a budget? We’ve got…

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