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On Diets, Politics, and Faculty Development – Faculty Focus – Education Article

In the world of diets, movements are the thing that sells…Vegan, Paleo, Whole 30, Keto, and, now, Carnivore (…seriously, it’s a thing). Yet, upon closer inspection, many of these diets perform similarly in the long run, which is to say they perform underwhelmingly. When a dieter fails to get the pseudoscientific benefits promised, they are likely to blame themselves. They relapsed, cheated, or otherwise failed to follow instructions (succumbing to the fate of being an imperfect human being). It is…

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Seven Ways to Make Your Syllabus More Relevant – Education Article

Can a syllabus get students excited for your course? What will keep students coming back to it? These seven design elements can help students get the most out of your syllabus, prepare them for the course, and focus the class on the learning goals ahead. My Engaging Syllabus Design: Example illustrates all of these design elements. 1. Write an introductory message with a personable explanation of the syllabus’ layout. An official welcome to the course can be your “pitch” for the…

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