10 Things To Know – and Teach — About Copyright – Education Article

Every day, students interact with digital media in a variety of ways, as consumers and creators.  But do they know the basic ground rules set by copyright and fair use?  Most don’t.  This is an essential element of modern digital literacy, and it needs to be taught. That’s where Copyright and Creativity comes in.  C&C offers educators a full suite of K-12 teaching resources that are easy to use and totally free.  There are lesson plans, slides, videos that walk…

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Moving at the Speed of Creativity – Education Article

“Fair Use” provisions of U.S. copyright law as they pertain the creation and sharing of multimedia by students and teachers in schools present important topics which are sometimes still misunderstood by educators at different levels. In this post, I’m going to share an excellent “fair use” example of a student and teacher created remix song and video, based on the Disney song “In the Jungle” from The Lion King, at an Oklahoma school. I’ll also share a recent news headline…

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Copyright Violations in the Classroom: When Beg, Borrow, and Steal Turns into a Crime – Education Article

When you are a newbie teacher entering the profession, a veteran will pull you to the side and say, “It is okay to beg, borrow, and steal.” It is a teacher right of passage to be told this knowledge and to implement it.  Because many schools across the United States are lacking the appropriate resources for teachers to deliver instruction effectively, it becomes a necessity and habit for some. Beg On Friday, I will wrap up the 13th year of…

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