Help Students Get the Most Out of Infographics – Education Article

By Sunday Cummins Do your students love a good infographic? Kids in the middle grades are frequently drawn to infographics because of their visual appeal and because information is presented in small bites. An infographic may be just one graphic, like a diagram, chart, or map, or it may be a compilation of graphics like the NASA infographic below. Click to enlarge. While infographics can be engaging, our students do not always access the content in a way that leads…

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Moving at the Speed of Creativity – Education Article

Content filtering in schools has always been contentious since students and teachers first gained access to the World Wide Web and the Internet in the 1990s. Today in 2019, however, many people might be surprised that “draconian content filtering policies” (at least in the opinion of this author) are still in place in some schools. By “draconian,” I mean content filtering policies which excessively limit open access of information by students (and in many cases, also teachers) and which fail…

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5 Tips For Live Displays – Education Article

Reading Time: 3 minutes How can we improve our displays? We need to think carefully about our classroom displays so that they don’t do more harm than good. Displays aren’t just for decoration but when done well can add significant value to the learning environment. In ‘Memorable Teaching’, Peps Mccrea warns that displays which aren’t purposeful can actually be detrimental. They can be distracting and potentially prevent learning from entering long-term memory. Clever classrooms think about displays and what impacts…

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