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A Powerful Tool Across Disciplines – Education Article

By Katie McGrath Conversation connects us. But think about how different our conversations can be. There are times when my husband and I have a quick check-in talk. We discuss what time our boys need to be picked up at karate or what we need from the grocery store for dinner. Other times we engage in deep discussions envisioning our next home or how we will support one another as we pursue our professional goals. While both of these conversations…

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Content Area Literacy Strategies That Work: Do This Not That – Education Article

Content Area Literacy Strategies That Work: Do This, Not That!By Lori G. Wilfong(Routledge/Eye On Education, 2019 – Learn more) Reviewed by Jordan Walker-Reyes For any English as a Second Language teacher wanting to grow their English learners’ academic language in the core classrooms and to support core teachers, this book is for you! My school is currently moving toward literacy-based instruction in all content areas, and Content Area Literacy Strategies that Work has so many ideas about how we can…

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From Striving to Thriving: Strategies to Jump-Start Writing – Education Article

From Striving to Thriving Writers: Strategies That Jump-Start WritingBy Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger with Stephanie Harvey(Scholastic, 2018 – Learn more) Reviewed by Pam Hamilton “We must trust ourselves as professional decision-makers, and we must trust students as powerful language learners.” Wow. I hope these words by Stephanie Harvey in the foreword of this book energize and empower you as they do me. This vision is the essence of the From Striving to Thriving series, of which this book is…

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