Creating your own Lego Movies – Education Article

With Lego Movie 2 hitting cinemas this week, I decided to embrace the children’s enthusiasm to introduce stop motion animation. Stop Motion Animation is a brilliant and creative way for students to tell stories, explore ideas and explain different concepts. There are plenty of different stop motion animation apps. My go-to app is I Can Animate. There are so many possibilities with this app as you can link it with greenscreen to add an animated background before editing further in…

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Let me into your home: artist Lauren McCarthy on becoming Alexa for a day | Art and design

In a gallery in downtown Manhattan, people are huddling around four laptops, taking turns to control the apartments of 14 complete strangers. They watch via live video feeds, and respond whenever the residents ask “Someone” to help them. They switch the lights on and off, boil the kettle, put some music on – whatever they can do to oblige. The project, called Someone, is the latest in a series exploring our ever more complicated relationship with technology. It’s by the…

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Why do we edit and filter our selfies? – Education Article

This was a digital literacy lesson I did with Year 4 last week: I have also posted a more in-depth step-by-step tutorial for what we did and how we did it exclusively for the supporters of my Facebook page. You can access this and everything else on by clicking the picture below: This is only a snippet of a Education Article written by (Mr P ICT) Read Full Article

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Exploring Our Digestive System – Education Article

Last half term, Year 4 were looking at Digestion. As always, I wanted to explore how technology can be used to enhance learning and allow them to creatively share what they have learnt. There are some fantastic consumer apps that can help with this including the fantastic Curiscope Virtuali-tee app I have previously blogged about here. For a more in-depth tutorial for this tool, including an exclusive discount code to subscribers, click here. There is also a fantastic Google Expedition…

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Creating an Interactive Christmas Scene – Education Article

I love using Christmas as a way to engage children in their learning. They are excited, inquisitive and generally really interested in anything Christmas. Recently, I worked with Year 2 where they created their own Interactive Christmas scene using Chatterpix Kids and Thinglink. Here is an example of what they created: I have posted a step-by-step guide for how to do this activity on the supporter part of my Facebook page. Sign up by tapping the picture below: This idea…

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A few months ago, Facebook gave me the opportunity to launch a supporter aspect to my page. For £3.50 a month, teachers can subscribe to receive the following benefits: This platform, for me, is a way to bring my CPD training in schools online. I regularly receive messages from teachers saying that they would love to attend one of my CPD and Inset sessions, however, due to one reason or the other (location, school not allowing them to go etc) they can’t make…

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