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App-Based Contact Tracing – Education Article

Computers and Internet, TV and Video | Views: 262 | Level: Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate | 5 out of 5, rated by 1 teachers | The worksheet is based on the adapted article from the Economist discussing the potential use of mobile phone applications in tracking the spread of Covid-19. The tasks are aimed at improving reading comprehension. Students read the article and fill in the gaps with the missing sentences. Worksheet includes vocabulary and collocations task as well as comprehension questions.…

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Computer Viruses Worksheet – Education Article

Teach your class or revise on the dangers of computer viruses. It contains 4 interactive tasks. Here they are: Task 1 – Fill in the gaps on Computer Viruses!Task 2 – Create a poster on viruses using the information above.Task 3 – Draw a drawing of a cartoon virus. Use a pencil! (Use the space below) Similar Worksheets Download the worksheet(111.66 Kb, 0 downloads)

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