Community Partnerships

Students participate in more than a dozen community service projects – Education Article

25ABC Students at Belton New Tech High @ Waskow completed over a dozen community service projects on Monday during the third annual Purple Heart Servant Leadership Day. Brooke Bumpass said community service is a big deal for her. “Community service is something that I do every Sunday, and sometimes I’m in like Key Club. So sometimes I join them and I work with some services with them,” Bumpass said. The freshman was glad to get the chance to do what…

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Youth Spotlight: Community School students teach English to refugees – Education Article

The Spokesman- Review At a time when the United States is doing less for refugees, four seniors at The Community School decided to do a lot more. Tasked in a school project with studying the worldwide refugee crisis, Cierra Morris, Ashlin O’Kelly, Shea Handelman and Katelyn Devine went beyond the script by engaging refugees who work at the Global Neighborhood Thrift Store in north Spokane. The store is part of Global Neighborhood, a nonprofit which helps find employment for refugees.…

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