Rainbow Video and Worksheet – Education Article

Colours, TV and Video | Views: 1,012 | Level: Elementary, Pre-Intermediate | 5 out of 5, rated by 1 teachers | This worksheet is all about the rainbow. With a poem, a video, a song, pictures and eight exercises. You can watch the video and read the poem. Then you can do the exercises (Circle the adjective, Circle the colours, Fill in the missing verbs, Make sentences, Match the words to their definition, Unscramble the words, etc.). Have fun!!  …

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12 Printable Basic Colors Flashcards for Toddlers – Education Article

This worksheet contains 12 color flashcards. The following color flashcards include blue, brown, black, gold, gray, green, orange, red, silver, violet, yellow, white.Parents and teachers can use these flashcards to play with their kids and toddlers and teach new words.Have fun! Similar Worksheets Download the worksheet(447.3 Kb, 0 downloads)

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Learn Colors with Animals and Food Worksheet – Education Article

I couldn’t find a worksheet like this online so I made it !You can use it with the class, writing the color and the pronunciation of the color. You can then imagine sentences such as “An eggplant is purple.” and give the sentences to write as homework. Or you can use it any other way. Enjoy ! Similar Worksheets Download the worksheet(309.04 Kb, 0 downloads)

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