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Student and Teacher Views @coolcatteacher – Education Article

As so many of us schools are having to move quickly to Google Classroom, Alice Keeler sat down with me recently to do what we’re calling a “duo demo.” She played the role of the teacher and I played the role of the student as we shared what various actions look like on both sides of the dynamic relationship between students and teachers in Google Classroom. We screen shared for about 2 1/2 hours but I clipped this down to…

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Plagiarism Prevention: Best Practices with Urkund – Education Article

Urkund is a plagiarism prevention tool with many benefits for teachers in helping students create original work. In this blog post, I’ll share my review of this product from a company founded in 2000 and will talk about its benefits and features. Urkund is a cost-effective plagiarism prevention tool, integrates with popular LMS systems, and why it is rapidly becoming a popular tool in this area. I’ll also give you a code to receive a free trial of Urkund. This…

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Preservice Teacher Virtual Co-Op Program @coolcatteacher – Education Article

Hi! I’m Sam Fecich a professor, educator, and huge fan of pumpkin spice lattes (PSL)! Seriously, guys, I am the type of person who is counting down the days in August until PSLs are back on the menu. Most days of the week you can find me in my office at Grove City College working with students or teaching preservice teachers about educational technology or special education. During my courses, preservice teachers learn how to hone their digital presence, unite…

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