Your Students My Students Our Students Rethinking Equitable – Education Article

Your Students, My Students, Our Students: Rethinking Equitable and Inclusive ClassroomsBy Lee Ann Jung, Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, and Julie Kroener(ASCD, 2019 – Learn more) Reviewed by Esther Vences When I first got a copy of Your Students, My Students, Our Students: Rethinking Equitable and Inclusive Classrooms, I was immediately drawn to the book. The cover and the title are both so beautiful. The title itself gives a brief summary of the book. All students are our students, and it…

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My aims for next year (2019-20) – Mr. Hill’s Musings – Education Article

Every year, at the beginning of the summer break, I like to take the opportunity to reflect and outline my goals for the next academic year. I can’t say that I achieve all of them every year, but the goal-setting, accountability and intentionality have led to some of my proudest achievements. I have just finished my favourite year of my career so far, and many of the highlights are a result of last year’s targets. I’m committed to these goals…

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Launch This Strategy to Rejuvenate Your Co-teaching – Education Article

A MiddleWeb Blog Happy 2019, everyone! My steady readers know I am not a resolutions making kind of gal. Resolutions tend to have that adding-something-to-an-already-busy-plate sensation that, after awhile, fizzles away in frustration due to lack of resources, energy, and time. As a new year unfolds, I find great value in zooming in on a year-round reflective process as a way to keep our co-teaching on an effective trajectory. And January is a great time to pause and reflect. So,…

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