Classroom Management Plan

The Trait Every Great Teacher Shares – Education Article

There is a trait great teachers share. It isn’t something you can see, not at first glance anyway. But every student can sense it. They can feel it viscerally while in their teacher’s presence. It’s something lasting, highly influential, and part of who the teacher is. It’s woven into their manner and demeanor. It’s integral to everything that they say and do and stays with them wherever they go. More importantly, it makes managing behavior far easier for them than…

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The Best Time To Review Your Classroom Management Plan – Education Article

No, it’s not when your class has gone off the rails. It’s not after a chaotic lesson. And it’s not when your teacherly sense tells you you should. —Although these are all indeed good reasons to review your plan. No, the best time to review your classroom management plan is . . . When everything is going perfectly. Here’s why: It reinforces your students’ trust in you. By revisiting your behavior expectations out of the blue, as well as the…

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