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Learning foreign languages should be compulsory, says report | Education

Learning a new language should be compulsory for pupils up to the age of 16, according to a new report highlighting the UK’s recent abysmal record in encouraging young people to study languages other than English. The report published by the Higher Education Policy Institute (Hepi) cites an EU-wide survey showing that just 32% of young people in the UK say they are able to read or write in more than one language, compared with 79% of their peers in…

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Jasper Griffin obituary | Books

The classicist Jasper Griffin, who has died aged 82 of pneumonia, is best known for his work on the Iliad and the Odyssey, ancient Greek epic poems that deal with the Trojan war and its aftermath and are traditionally attributed to Homer. Crucial to Griffin’s work, which helped bridge a gulf between anglophone and continental European scholarship, was a paradoxical situation in which Homer had found himself. In antiquity, Homer, who was sometimes thought to have lived around 800 BC,…

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