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How to Get Your Students to Ask More Good Questions – Education Article

By Jackie Walsh Why don’t students ask more questions in school? The short answer is that most students believe it’s their job to answer, not ask, questions. What’s more, many think that asking questions might lead teachers to believe they’re not smart or suggest to their peers that they’re not cool. Others simply don’t know how or what to ask. Even our learners who are willing to take risks may let a good question go. The teacher controlled, fast-paced rhythm…

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In the Heat of Learning, Good Questioning Is Powerful – Education Article

By Jackie A. Walsh In the heat of a game, coaches call time-outs to stop the action and provide feedback to players to enhance their future play. These pauses afford opportunities for coaches to reinforce positive performance, activate their players’ prior knowledge/skills, and assist team members in customizing what they know to fit a current situation. Time-outs also provide players an opportunity to stop, reflect, and identify gaps between what they have been doing and what they know how to…

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