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Lord Armstrong of Ilminster obituary | Politics

Robert Armstrong, Lord Armstrong of Ilminster, who has died aged 93, was the supreme Whitehall mandarin – discreet, a staunch defender of official secrecy, a loyal servant of his political masters. He held all the key posts as he passed through the Whitehall corridors of power. He was private secretary first to the liberal, reforming Labour home secretary Roy Jenkins, and subsequently, between 1970 and 1975, to a Conservative prime minister, Edward Heath, and a Labour one, Harold Wilson. He…

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The strange dialect of an Oxbridge elite

Stan Godfrey and Ivor Morgan discuss how upper class patois can be baffling to those from different backgrounds Daniella Adeluwoye’s piece (At Cambridge I learned class still matters, Journal, 24 September) reminded me of when, 40 years ago, living in a pit village, I took exams to join the civil service fast stream. The exam paper had a paragraph explaining that you were to write for someone who was “a Senior Wrangler at Cambridge”. I hadn’t a clue why it…

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Number of public sector pensioners on £100k trebles in seven years | UK news

The number of people in the public sector’s largest pension schemes retiring on incomes of more than £100,000 has more than tripled in the past seven years, according to figures obtained by a charity promoting intergenerational fairness. Pensions schemes covering the NHS, the civil service and the teaching profession were paying six-figure incomes last year to 375 retirees, up from 117 in 2010. Those in receipt of pensions higher than the UK’s average annual salary of about £28,600 also increased…

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