Teach Current Events by Double-Dipping Lessons – Education Article

By Dina Strasser If you grew up in the 70’s like me in a fairly rural neighborhood with a singular Tastee-Freeze or Dairy Queen, you’ll know that one of their most scrumptious offerings to a kid was the double dip – usually cherry and chocolate for me. This was where a soft serve ice cream cone was deftly swirled into two separate vats of quick-hardening candy shell liquid, one after the other, and handed to you with a flourish and…

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10 Changemaker Questions Illuminate History’s Activists – Education Article

A MiddleWeb Blog When I walked into a one-hour session at the most recent National Council for the Social Studies annual conference – a mega-gathering with ideas and fellow teachers spilling from every corner, not to mention a celebrity sighting of Constitution USA guru Peter Sagal – I didn’t expect to walk out ready to transform an entire unit in my eighth-grade history class. But my mind opened up as I sat in “Bending the Arc Through History and Literature,”…

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