Dialogue Series on Imagination in Research and Teaching Begins – imaginED – Education Article

By Samuel Chen (Research Assistant, SFU Education Research Assistant) This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend the Possible’s Slow Fuse’s inaugural session featuring Dr. Celeste Snowber. This is the first in a six part Dialogue series being co-hosted between the Research Hub and CIRCE.  Being new to the Faculty of Education and having just been hired on as a Research Assistant with the Research Hub, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I decided to go because I have seen…

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She Comes From a Certain Place – imaginED – Education Article

Greetings colleagues! The SFU Surrey Faculty of Education seminar series From the Ground Up continued last week with a presentation by Dr. Alanaise Onizichin Goodwill, an Indigenous scientist-practitioner and educator in Counselling Psychology at SFU Surrey. Dr. Goodwill is one of very few Indigenous Registered Psychologists in British Columbia, and practices active counselling service within several Indigenous communities. Her scholarship aims to decolonize mental health practices by addressing serious manifestations of colonial violence such as gangs and gender-based violence. In…

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Imagining Our Way Into The Lives of Other Beings in Our Ecosystems – imaginED – Education Article

By Zuzana Vasko (PhD, Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University; Artist) For me, one of the great values of imagination is that it affords us the ability to empathise with others.  It is a feat of imagination, after all, to understand what it might be like to be in the situation of another, to feel how it might be to inhabit their body, particularly if their experience and life is vastly different from our own. In industrialized Western reasoning, humans…

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