Ways for Quiet Kids to Share Their Voice – Education Article

Part of honoring student voice in the classroom is providing multiple ways for students to share what they have learned. Regular readers of the blog (sign up here) know that I love sharing EdTech strategies. This includes ways for them to participate with more options than raising their hand for a whole class discussion. I’ve had the chance to see fellow New Jersey educator Chrissy Romano speak at events the past few years. So when her new book about strategies…

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Chromebook and Home Computer Advice for Parents (Dec 2018) – Education Article

As a school director of technology as well as a known “tech geek” at other places we frequent like our church, I’m often asked for advice about purchasing computers for kids at holiday time. I’m also frequently asked about Internet filtering, Internet safety, and topics falling under the general topic of “digital citizenship.” (Last spring I shared a few presentations about these topics at both school and church.) Whether we’re talking about technology purchases, parenting, or just about anything else,…

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