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13 Tools to Record Audio on Chromebooks and Other Devices – Education Article

Audio is a great learning and reflection tool. So I’ve put together a list of 13 Tools to Record Audio on Chromebooks and Other Devices. Now that we can add audio to our favorite Google Slides projects, we need to make sure we have some options for creating those audio files. Chromebooks have become the most popular classroom device, now in millions of classroom worldwide. Find the best tools for Chromebooks can sometimes be challenging. So I put together this…

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These Chrome Extensions Can Help Students Stay on Task – Education Article

Raise your hand if this describes you or one of your students. You open a new tab just to check Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest for “a minute.” Then before you know it ten minutes has passed and you’ve forgotten what you were supposed to be doing before that “one minute” break. If you raised your hand, you should try one of these free Chrome extensions. Two of the following free Chrome extensions can help you or your students get back…

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