Smiling About Bitmoji Books – Education Article

My favorite avatar creator Bitmoji, which I’ve been blogging about since 2015 (links to those posts below) has recently added a few NEW cartoons featuring books! But, as my Twitter & PA friend Ms. Kim Mento Tweeted, they were sadly dour faced! So, using Photoshop Elements, I pasted some open smiles on my faces. Whilst I was at it (any excuse to use the word whilst!) I added my much needed bangs, blonde highlights, changed my tennis shoe pops of…

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Back To School with Bitmoji – Education Article

I swear to you, yet again, dear reader, that I am NOT a paid spokesperson for Bitmoji! In fact, they haven’t even answered, commented, acknowledged, or even liked ANY of my Tweets or Instagrams or blog posts where I’ve mentioned them. I am just a total fangirl. A lonely neglected ignored (by them!) fangirl. Wow, that sounded pathetic & needy. Truth hurts. But here I am again sharing something NEW that Bitmoji has brought out that I think is pretty…

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