How much part-time work should I take on while studying? | Education

“I couldn’t afford to be at uni if I didn’t work,” says Mathilda Wilde, who graduated from the University of Manchester last year. “The loan didn’t cover my rent.” Wilde worked two jobs – one as a lifeguard and one as a waitress for a catering company – during her studies; both were on zero-hour contracts. “I was under 21 so I was earning about £6.50 an hour and often working 5am to 3pm,” she says. “I was always envious…

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‘I wish I’d delayed coming to the UK’ : overseas students call for further visa extensions | Education

International students at British universities fear the government’s plan to offer two-year post-study work visas to future students could leave them worse off if the extra time is not given to them too. Last week the government said foreign students will be offered a two-year work visa after graduating from a British university. But the new policy will only apply to those graduating from summer 2021, according to the announcement. The current immigration policy, controversially put in place by Theresa…

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Teaching Pupils About The Realities Of Work – Education Article

Reading Time: 2 minutes How easy is it to link careers to the curriculum? Careers advice in schools is a challenging and critical aspect of the curriculum to help offer pupils develop their employability skills. These soft skills help students become employable, but curriculum restraint is difficult for schools. These free activities from IGD can help teachers develop these skills with our pupils within a congested curriculum. Curriculum planning Career planning in schools used to be the domain of specialist…

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