Carbon footprints

What hypocrisy, I think guiltily, as I jet off to academic conferences far and wide | Jonathan Wolff | Education

“What did you do on global climate protest day, Daddy?” “I was in the city centre, and joined the protest for a while. But I had to leave, as I needed to get to the airport to fly home.” I was in Hamburg that day. To speak at a conference, of course, one of many recent academic trips abroad, to China, the US and Europe, almost all by plane. Academic travel is seen as a perk of the job, although…

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As an academic, should I worry about my conference carbon footprint? | Sophia Kier-Byfield | Education

The other day, as I boarded a budget airline plane to attend a conference in Spain, I was overcome with a feeling I’ve come to recognise: carbon-footprint guilt. As a PhD student, this would be my first international conference, an exciting chance to meet fellow researchers in my field – feminism and gender studies – and discuss topics we care about. But as I sat chatting casually with other academics headed the same way, I couldn’t help but worry about…

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